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Boundary wall

Boundary wall - limiting wall

p> The boundary wall has the function to mark a property in a partial or complete manner for preventing the entry of persons, animals.
The boundary wall, like every other type of wall, which has not a height higher than three meters, can be connected to a building or can be isolated.

A limiting wall can be classified like a boundary wall, when it has specific characteristics, for example, when it is used for delimiting a certain property, when it is not higher than three meters and when it has the faces isolated from other constructions.

Modules Maspe for the constructions of boundary walls and limiting walls

Maspe proposes innovative systems for the construction of your limiting wall..
With our prefabricated patented modules, extremely easy to lay, you can save costs and time of realization and you can know in advance the final aesthetic and functional result.

Thanks to Maspe the realization of a boundary wall has never been so simple and economical!

Visit our section fencing walls: you can look at our modules for realizing your limiting wall.

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