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Exterior pavings granite

Maspe operates with professionalism and experience in the sector of exterior pavings in granite.

The laying of exterior pavings in granite, further to guaranteeing the maximum stability and durability in time, it is also suitable to the most refined and elegant aesthetic interpretations.

A Maspe expert can advise you about the paving most suitable to your needs and even about the colour, the size and dimension, most appropriate to the environment where you will operate.

In this way you can obtain precious exterior pavings in granite and characterized by warm shades like red or pink or neutral colours like white or grey. Moreover the modular tiles, guarantee anoptimal flexibility during the laying in order to go along the form of the intervention area, by considering also the customers’ needs.

The exterior granite pavings Maspe offer an unique result in terms of resistance to tear and wear, that’s why they are also perfect for public environments, characterized by a massive transfer of persons.

The exterior granite pavings Maspe, the Siligranites, are made up by a surface layer of grit and marble powder, porphyry, quartz and granite conglomerated with high resistance cement.

Check immediately all the technical qualities on the technical product sheet!

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