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Exterior marble pavings

p>For the exterior marble pavings the production of Maspe is divided in 2 product families: exterior pavings in sandblasted marble and exterior pavings in washed marble.

Depending on the required exigencies of the exterior paving, you can consider a more soft and delicate choice like the sandblasted, or a more practical and strict solution, particularly indicated in exterior areas of public use like the exterior pavings in washed marble.

For all intervention typologies, Maspe uses high quality products, which assure stability in laying, security in the use and durability in time. Moreover, the exterior marble pavings permit to take care about the aesthetic of the environments, where they are placed. Thanks to different colours. to the sizes and to the dimensions, it is possible to pave a surface by following particular styles and by giving elegance and refinement even to the most neglected exterior environments.

Trust also to the professionalism and to the experience of Maspe group and visualize immediately all the particularities of the exterior marble pavings to discover the one more suitable to your exigencies!

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