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Pavings avenues

p>For a sure and lasting paving of avenues of parks and gardens it is essential to use vanguard materials treated with the most innovative technologies. Maspe advices the use of siligraniti for pavings of avenues in order to guarantee the correct stability even during climatic changes, the inalterability and the resistance against wear and tear.

Maspe has a wide colour range for the pavings of avenues for realizing walkings perfectly integrated with the rest of the environment, even under the aesthetic point of view:

  • white carsico
  • grey carsico
  • yellow
  • brown
  • pink dolomiti
  • green carsico

The pavings for avenues of Maspe group unite in this manner resistance and aesthetic qualities. Our products can be also treated with the Maspetech technology which makes them waterproof and easy to clean. In this way it will not be necessary to intervene for maintenance, especially if it is about public works, by saving money.

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