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Pavings in marble grit

The pavings in marble grit Maspe valorise the exterior environments where they are placed: private and public buildings, sport centres, gardens, parks, avenues, arcades, terraces, garages.

The raw materials used for the pavings in marble grit are accurately selected, then mixed among them and agglomerated with high dose cement and special binders. The mixture, which will then used for pavings in marble grit, is made homogeneous by a pressing procedure, which uses the most modern technologies. This method makes the pavings in marble grit Maspe structurally firm, sure and elegant from the aesthetic point of view.

The pavings in marble grit Maspe are available in different colours:

  • white of Carrara
  • multicolour phantasy
  • red Verona

The long experience of Maspe group has permitted to form highly professional and prepared agents, who recognize and advise the most suitable solutions to the customers’ needs.

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