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Maspe distributor of Pavings in Marble Granite for whole Italy

The production of marble pavings Maspe is divided in 2 main product categories.

  • pavimenti in marmo sabbiato
  • pavimenti in marmo lavato

Depending on the needs of the required pavings, you can gear towards a more smooth and delicate choice, by applying pavings in sandblasted marble, or towards a more practical and rigid solution, particularly advisable in exterior areas of public use, where the pavings in washed marble find their ideal positioning.

One of our experts will advise you in the choice of the typology of intervention most suitable to your needs, by taking into consideration also the aesthetic characteristics of the environment where you will intervene.

As further guarantee of optimal quality of the products and of the resistance to tear and wear and the atmospheric agents, all Maspe products have the marking CE, according to standard EN 1229.

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