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Realization exterior pavings

Maspe since more than 30 year works for the realization of pavings for exteriors. The solutions of Maspe succeed in covering all needs of the customers thanks to a rich range of proposals which go from pavings in porphyry to those in marble, from antique stones up to the artistic ones.

The studies and researches, applied to new productive systems, have allowed to improve the workings and perfect constantly the quality of the realization for pavings for exteriors. All our products are created for lasting in time, for resisting to atmospheric agents and to wear and tear. In this way no frequent maintenance is necessary; moreover, with the treatment Maspetech it is possible to obtain a waterproof and stain-resistant barrier against rain, oil and other substances.

Maspe pays much attention also to creativity and toaesthetic of the proper pavings. Agreeing with the customer the typology of the materials to use, the colour and size, it is possible to obtain the realization of exterior pavings along with the aesthetic of the environment where you intervened.

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