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the self-blocking paving

the self-blocking paving

p> The self.-blocking paving is a paving with increased thickness, typically used in courtyard areas and residential parking areas. This slab is able to bear till 3500 kgs and resists to pressure and constant wear and tear.

Maspe proposes a real revolution in the self-blocking pavings world, by giving life to Maxima, an exclusive line, with an unusual size, studied for the exigencies of a vehicle accessible paving, , which can be laid also dry, without a cement foundation:

  • Thickness 6 cm
  • Dimension of the slabs 50x25 cm
  • Valued and refined surface structures
  • It can be laid dry for light vehicle accessibility
  • Treated surfaces

Discover the design and the characteristics of our line: shade, size and finishing able to mingle and attire easily any context, by giving ample expression liberty and an unmistakable style. Among our solutions :

  • Maxima Pietra Toscana: The exclusive structure of the pietra toscana makes this product unique in its belonging class, by recalling the piazza of antique Tuscany villages.
  • Maxima Travertino Romano: the different shades jointed to 4 structures, characterize Travertino, they make it unique and charming like the original stone.
  • Maxima Siligraniti: refined grits, which valuate any urban and residential context, public or private, classical or modern.
  • Our self-blocking paving offers outstanding durability in time and resistance to mechanical stress, with saving of time and money with regards to upkeep and easy cleaning.

    Find the best solution for your spaces and devolve on Maspe quality!

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