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Indications for the laying with mortar or adhesive of Line Maxima

Foundation in concrete
For pavings suitable for vehicles, prepare the foundation with compact scree (even the pre-existing can be used), spread an approx. 10 cm layer of concrete with electro welded net on the foundation.

Expansion joints for laying in cement
Expansion joints: already during the planning provide for suitable expansion joints according to the size and geometric shape of the floor. The joints have to cut the foundation, the cement floor and the paving, in order to have the possibility to “absorb” eventual expansions.

Slope at laying in cement
Realize the paving by paying attention to arrange an appropriate slope of 1cm per meter in order to guarantee a good water down flow and avoid (especially in cold areas) that the paving remains “in immersion”.

The laying with mortar on a foundation in concrete
Spread the mortar screed proportioned at 250 kg/m³ of cement, having a thickness of about 4/6 cm.
Dust with cement and lay the tiles, leveling them with a wooden board and rubber mallet.
Maspe recommends to pay attention to not dirt the paving with mortar (if this happens clean immediately before the cement sticks).

The laying with adhesive on a foundation in concrete
Prepare the cement floor.
Proceed with the assembling of the tiles with a specific adhesive for exteriors, by following the specific instructions of the used adhesive.

Joint of the tiles for the masonry laying
Carry out the joint of the tiles by being careful to fill it up till the chamfer (as you can see also on the scheme), in order to correct possible light unevennesses of the tiles‘ chamfer.
Realize a cement joint with a width of approximately 8 mm, in order to seal the interstices between the tiles and to avoid that water stagnates between the cement foundation and the tiles. This in order to avoid detachings in case of freeze and to impede the efflorescence phenomenon.
Sealing can be done with normal grout or with other preparations available on the market.
It is advisable to wet the tiles thoroughly before grooving and clean them immediately afterwards with a moist sponge, by paying attention to rinse it often.

When the paving has been finished, carry out a cleaning of the yard,
In case of obstinate dirt use MaspeClean as detergent.
In particular cases we suggest the use of a monobrush polishing machine to lay the MaspeClean and to remove mechanically the dirt.
Otherwise scratch the paving by using a manual brush.

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