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Available in a wide range of materials – from porphyry to marble, from antique stones to the artistic one – the pavings for exteriors do not have bonds on the aesthetic and compositive level, by perfectly adapting to any context. 

The wall claddings for exteriors of Maspe are perfect for protecting and for valorising the frontage of your house or any building and for giving a touch of elegance and a sophisticated touch as well to modern as to rustic environments.

With Maspe you can turn your fencing wall  in an architectonical element, for giving value to the exteriors of your house, with the guarantee of a quality product and by taking advantage of an extreme facility of laying.

We are in the branch of pavings for exteriors since 1976. Our range of proposals has solutions for any kind of needs, with special attention to research for maximal quality.
In our catalogue you will find interlocking paversslabspavings in natural stone and 
stonewarein a wide range of sizes and colours.
We propose wallcladdings in natural stone and reconstructed stone and fencing walls, resistant, longlasting and easy to lay, thanks to the exclusive Maspe patents. 

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Maspe - pavings for exteriors, wall claddings and fencing walls. 
The pavings for exteriors of your house or pavings in marble granite of a public structure give value to the place they surround, like a frame with a beautiful picture. They welcome your guests, they maintain the order, they revive the design of the buildings. The aesthetics plays its protagonist part, but it is equally important to choose pavings for exteriors which resist in the time. The products signed Maspe will resist to the wear and tear of the many pedestrian who will stamp on them each day, they will not fear the attacks of rain and sun and they will be an optimal base for summer parties with your friends. This thanks to the treatments used for pavings for arcades. Simple, finished, traditional and innovative…with Maspe wallcladdings for exteriors elegance becomes practicality.  Give a look to our catalogues on-line or contact us!

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