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MASPE has been operating for more than 30 years in the specific field of pavings for exteriors and is a protagonist of all the developments in this sector, preparing vanguard technological solutions for creating floorings with high quality technical-structural characteristics.
Thanks to the constant innovation of the production techniques and the particular attention given to the practicality and aesthetics, together with the capacity to interpret in the best way the requirements of its customers, have decreed the success of MASPE to be a leader in its proper sector. In fact the MASPE products are known and appreciated in the whole national territory, in Europe and not only; Indeed our clientele is extended even in the South American markets. In 1998 the particular sensibility of the management led the company to obtain the certification in accordance with the quality standards UNI EN ISO, which guarantee all the necessary parameters for the realization of high quality products.
All the produced tiles underwent the most qualified laboratory testing to verify the physical-mechanciale characteristics and their suitability for use as out-door floorings, in the worst atmospheric conditions and under maximum stress.
Further guaranty for the quality and resistance of MASPE products is given by the stamping CE, according to the standard EN 1339, which is applied to all the MASPE products.