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In case that you are planning to build a fencing wall around your house, we from Maspe know what you want.

Do you want to save costs and realization times?
Do you want to be sure about the final result as well the aesthetic one as the functional one?

That’s why our modules for fencing walls can realize your wish of saving and satisfaction: 

They have 3 patentsYou have the guarantee of a quality product
They can be laid easilyYou save costs and realization times
They are prefabricated modulesChoose in advance the colour and the wall covering
They are available in various sizes and coloursYou have different solutions among you can choose
They are resistant and durableYou can also use aggressive washings without damages

Consult our guide and give a look to our video with practical instructions. 

Turn your fencing wall in an architectural element, that valorizes the outside of your house!

Choose product for:

Module jointed brick
Module jointed brick
Cod. M29
Module Rosa Porrino
Module Rosa Porrino
Cod. M09