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Being general instructions we advise the download of the specific installation instruction of the chosen article, available in the product page.

Foundation in concrete
The foundation in concrete is obtained by mixing sand, fine gravel, water and cement in measure of 2 quintals for cubic meter, laid for 10/15 cm on the foundation, by drowning in the foundation an electro-welded net of mm 6 x 20/20.

Bedding Layer
The bedding layer must be made up of cement mortar prepared with a mixture of water, sand and cement type R 325 in the measure of 250 kg for cubic meter. The thickness must be approx. 4/6 cm.

Expansion joints
Already during the planning provide for suitable expansion joints according to the size and geometric shape of the floor. The joints have to cut the foundation, the cement floor and the paving, in order to have the possibility to “absorb” eventual expansions.

Realize the paving by paying attention to arrange an appropriate slope of 1cm per meter in order to guarantee a good water down flow and avoid (especially in cold areas) that the paving remains “in immersion”.

The joint of the lava stones has to be of approx. 2 cm! In order to obtain in a simple manner this result, we advice the realization of guide lines during the laying of the paving at each 4/5 pieces.
During the laying you have to try to “adjust” the joint-sealing in order to obtain a 2 cm joint with a tolerance of ± 1 cm. It is convenient to do this operation freehand. 

Realize the lines along those you have to cut with a normal grinder by using a “making rope”
Then you can take off the tiles easily.

It is fundamental to wet the paving abundantly till the saturation, before starting with the sealing works.
Prepare the filling mortar by using products, which are suitable for the exterior and for the particular width of the joint.
The paving in porphyry is emphasized by the use of a bright pearl-grey coloration.
Lay the previously prepared mortar with a normal spatula. You have to try to obtain the maximal cleaning already starting from the first phases.
The border parts of the pavings have to be grouted separately with a “more solid” filling mortar and have to be cleaned afterwards by hand with a sponge.
The following cleaning can be done with an automatic machine or by hand with a sponge. In both cases it is advisable to clean the water in the basin often, in order to obtain an optimal cleaning.
You can realize even elaborated layings in a simple manner.

When the paving has been finished, carry out a cleaning of the yard.
In case of obstinate dirt use MaspeClean as detergent.
In particular cases we suggest the use of a monobrush polishing machine to lay the MaspeClean and to remove mechanically the dirt.
Otherwise scratch the paving by using a manual brush.