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The interlocking paving is a paving  with increased thickness tipically used in courtyard areas and residential parking areas. Depending on its thickness, the interlocking paver is suitable as well for light traffic as for the heavy one and is able to resist to pressure and constant wear and tear.

Maspe proposes a wide range of interlocking paving also with uncommon sizes, studied for the needs of a vehicle accessible paving; it can be laid also dry, without a cement subfloor:

  • Thickness 6 or 7 cm
  • Many sizes 
  • refined surface structures
  • As well modern as classic shades and colour gradients 

Discover now the design and the caracteristics of our collections: shades, sizes and finishings able to intertwine and create any context, by giving wide freedom of expression and a unique style. Among our solutions: 

Skema: big sizes which give to the paving a touch of exclusivity.
Texxa: refined grits which give value to any urban and residential context , public and private, classic or modern.
Matrix: accentuated contrast of shades cwhich make the exterior areas unique and personalized.

Our interlocking paving offers remarkable durability in time and resistance to mechanical stress, by saving time and money in terms of upkeep. 

Find the best solution for your spaces and rely on Maspe quality!