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Being general instructions we advise the download of the specific installation instruction of the chosen article, available in the product page.

For the 25x50 format is not allowed the laying on plastic supports.

Raised pavings
This type of laying is carried out on special plastic supports, placed on protection coverings, offering considerable advantages, such as:
• a rapid installation;
• a better sound/heat insulation;
• an easier maintenance of the waterproof mantle;
• a practical access to the underground, without carrying out any demolition.

Laying on plastic supports
Arrange in advance the raised paving with the Morpho supports.
The supports can be used with tiles having different thicknesses. For detailed information look at list „Use of Morpho line…“
A minimum slope of 1,5% must be provided in the most unfavourable situation, in order to guarantee the correct runoff of rain water.
Those drains have to positioned with a suitable level in order to avoid the stagnation of water. They must also have a diameter of not less than 10 cm (free inside opening) with 1 drain each 50 sq m of terrace.

During the laying control that the slabs lean in the 4 angles.
In case of vibrations set the support by introducing the adjustment screw in the suitable thread. Rotate clockwise till reaching the perfect planarity.

Positioning of the central support (optional)
Place the central support in the point corresponding to the centre of the slab.

Use of the glue (optional)
Apply MaskeKimik in the suitable basin of the central support till its complete filling up.
In case that more stability is needed, repeat the operation also in the basins arranged beforehand of the Morpho support.

Joint-sealing (optional)
Put the joint in the cleft between the slabs by using the tool. Even up the whole length and cut the joint to measure of the short clefts.

When the paving has been finished, carry out a cleaning of the yard.
In case of obstinate dirt use MaspeClean as detergent.
In particular cases we suggest the use of a monobrush polishing machine to lay the MaspeClean and to remove mechanically the dirt.
Otherwise scratch the paving by using a manual brush.