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Being general instructions we advise the download of the specific installation instruction of the chosen article, available in the product page.

The foundations have to be done in a traditional manner with excavation, crate and concrete. It is important to level the casting in order to speed up the laying of the modules.
As soon as the concrete is hard, the modules have to be laid. It is advisable to start with the leveling already from the first modules by using a spirit level and wooden wedges.
During the filling we advise a suitable constipation and in case the exterior side is soiled, we recommend to clean it as soon as possible (in any case by using water and a sponge, which has to be often rinsed).
As soon as the filling is finished, prepare the flexible adhesive for exteriors for coupling the coverings; also in this case the dirt has to be taken away immediately.

Arrangement of boxes for gas, Enel, mail
For the insertion of boxes, bells etc. cut the modules with a grinder machine with a wheel for stones or marble and pay attention to keep at least four support points on the sides of the prefabricated module.
The fencing structure has to be composed in the way that the holes are in the pre-arranged point.
By using wooden boards build a formwork, to carry the concrete filling and provide the passage of necessary tubes.
We advise, to control the applicable regulations for the correct positioning of the service-boxes as for example gas, Enel ecc.
Take off the formwork after the filling and insert the prefabricated boxes.
For eventual grouping of boxes, gas, Enel etc. or for especially big groups, we advise to insert the prefabricated piece in line of the fencing on the before predefined place, during the construction and before the filling.
Set the doors, when the work is finished.
For the creation of columns and end walls, take off the sealing with a spatula.

Insertion of lighting projectors
For the insertion of projectors, grates etc. a hole has to be prepared on the piece with a grinder with a wheel for the cutting of stones or marbles, by paying attention to keep at least four support points on the sides of the module.
For the provision of accessories pass the electrical tubes before the filling.
Fix the box.
Fix the lamp, as soon as the filling is finished.

Curves and corners
For the creation of curves and corners the cutting of the piece has to be provided with a grinder with a wheel for the cutting of stones and marbles.
Position the modeled formwork, which is connected with the shaped foundation, with a distance of 20 cm.
In case that the foundation has still to be done, Maspe advises a predefined radius of 924 mm or 1950 mm for the modules 40 x 60, as it is sufficient to cut the modules inside and thus to keep the dimensions of the exterior slab unchanged.
For the corners of 90° we recommend a formwork connected with the foundation with a distance of 20 cm, as illustrated.

Sealing brick fencing
Position the modules.
Orientate the modules in the same direction, for creating in a correct way the joints along the overlapping line.
Prepare the cement filler.
Wet the surface.
The filler has to be applied on the whole surface, starting the work from the bottom upwards.
Apply the filler on the whole surface.
Apply till the border.
Clean with a sponge.
We advise to rinse the sponge repetitively in clean water.
Finished work.