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Being general instructions we advise the download of the specific installation instruction of the chosen article, available in the product page.

Consistency of the surface, which has to be covered
Before installation, check the consistency of the surface to cover that must be suitable for the mounting of the stones (see the instructions on the product used for bonding).

PAINTING: The painting has always to be taken off by roughening the wall or by passing an plastering trowel with notches. For taking off the dust, clean the wall once again very much with water. Apply a consolidation and proceed with the sticking. In case that you have difficulty in taking off the painting (for ex. Marmorino) apply on it a net, like in the procedure “Insulation” and stick later.

CONCRETE: With an high-pressure cleaner take off all traces of oil, form release agents, dusts, soil, dirt or others. At the beginning of the laying, moisten the surface based on the season and the temperature at the moment of the application.

PLASTER: Check that the surface doesn’t show any phenomenon of “crumbling away“, eventually moisten and then apply the adhesive.

BRICK: Plaster the wall before laying.

INSULATION: You have to check that the insulation is perfectly tied to the wall and at the same time it has to be suitable to sustain the weight of the stone wall cladding. In case it is suitable to be covered, a galvanized electro-welded mesh has to be fixed with some dowels with a distance among themselves of maximum 40 cm. Level the surface till the mesh is completely covered.

DETERIORATED WALLS: Apply a mesh as indicated in the system „insulation“ and fix it with dowels, with a maximal distance among themselves of approximately 30 cm.

PLASTERBOARD: You have to check that the structure and the tile are suitable to bear the materials‘ weight. Afterwards apply an insulating primer and when it is completely dry you can proceed with the application.

Prepare the necessary material.
Prepare the adhesive by following the indications of the producer.
Spread the adhesive on the wall.
Level the wall with the spatula with tooth.
Prepare the starting by using e level and wedges.
Go on with the bonding of the wall cladding, by using the level for checking the exact positioning of the piece.

Advices for the laying

It’s obligatory to have the complete material in yard at the moment of laying in order to guarantee to the layer the mixing of the modules by picking them up from several pallets/boxes for obtaining a homogeneous chromatic effect. The control of the shades has to be done before starting the laying. The company is not accountable to eventual claims after laying.
In case that the material is dirtied with mortars or plasters, the stones have to be cleaned immediately with a sponge and water. Use an adhesive suitable for stone materials, which doesn’t stain thestones. We advise the use of a white adhesive for the clearer wall claddings. 
We advise against the use of cleansers for cleaning and of chemical products for the stone treatment. However a use is possible prior the valuation of a professional technician, considering the nature of the different stones in the catalogue.